Photo: Louisville’s ‘Core Values’ include ‘No Guns’ and ‘No Drugs’

Photo via George Whitfield Jr./Twitter

The Louisville Cardinals and BAMF coach Charlie Strong are not simply trying to develop great football players, but also to mold teenagers into responsible young men.

That’s what makes the Cards’ sign listing out its “Core Values” such an interesting read. The first two are pretty self-explanatory. “Honesty” and “Treating women with respect” are two qualities that adults generally try to teach at an early age and really should be at the top of every team’s list of values if they aren’t already.

However, the remaining three listed are not exactly the same, abstract, nod-your-head-when-you-read-it-and-smile rules to live by.

Rather, they seem more like statements from a frustrated parent to a delinquent son. “No Drugs,” “No Stealing” and “No Guns” are the three remaining values. Now, we are not by any means saying these are not good lessons to be learned.

They’re immensely important, of course.

Instead of being considered core values, however, don’t they fit more into a “just don’t don’t these things” category?

Maybe we’re just being nit-picky. After all, Louisville is coming off a program-defining win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is considered one of the classiest student-athletes at the collegiate level today.

Hopefully, these core values are sinking in.


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