Ranking the Miami Heats’ karaoke performances from Battioke 2014

Shane Battier held his annual Battioke event on Monday night to benefit the Battier Take Charge Foundation. The footage the world’s been blessed with of Miami Heat players singing karaoke and dancing from the event is incredible.

James Jones was crowned the 2014 Battioke champion, but he wasn’t the only one who starred. Even Ken Jeong, Gabrielle Union and Jimmy Buffett showed up for the cause.

Following is Jones’ acceptance speech, and then a ranking of the 10 best performances of the night.

10. James Jones and Norris Cole are sipping from the “Holy Grail.”

9. LeBron and James Jones are ready to ride with Toney Douglas.

8. Roger Mason has the “Green Light.”

7. LeBron, Wade and Bosh want to know if they can talk to you.

6. Gabrielle Union has “Friends In Low Places.”

5. The Heatles have “Blurred Lines.”

4. Chris Bosh once got busy in the Burger King bathroom.

3. Jimmy Buffett and Pat Riley heard it through the grapevine.

2. Ken Jeong, Greg Oden and Shane Battier want it that way.

1. Did you ever think you’d see a raptor doing the Carlton and signing “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones? Neither did I.


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