No, That Bird Did Not Poop Into Ashley Young’s Mouth

If you were able to catch the start of the Premier League season between Manchester United and Swansea, you may have seen what looked like the an incredible shot by a bird pooping into Ashley Young’s mouth.

The initial video evidence is no doubt disgusting, as it looks like the bird had a direct hit. But, upon further investigation, it was just a case of remarkable timing.

Let’s watch the initial video:

Bullseye, right? Not so fast, my friend.

If you look closer at the HD broadcast, you can see the target was a near miss:

See. It was just spit in his mouth, not poop.

But because of the Internet and astute redditors, we have scientific(?) evidence stating that if Young were to sit outside with his mouth open, it would take roughly 195 years for a bird to poop and hit the target – proving how remarkable this almost was.

Gamedayr: breaking down play by plays of bird poop like it was a magic loogie.

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