Toronto fan loses bet, forced to wear massive sign making fun of himself

The sports editor for the Estevan Mercury, Josh Lewis, is a native of Estevan, Saskatchewan and a huge Maple Leafs fan. In fact, he had so much confidence that his Toronto hockey stars would beat Boston and move on to the second round of the 2013 NHL Playoffs that he made a bet on it with his coworker, Chad.

After going up 4-1 in the third period of Game 7, it looked like Lewis was going to have the last laugh. It looked like his Leafs were about to dump the Bruins and advance.

The Bruins, however, came all the way back, with Patrice Bergeron scoring the game-winning goal in overtime, knocking Toronto out and sending Lewis into blogosphere glory.

Chad, apparently, did not believe that having to wear the sign around small-town Estevan was a good enough punishment (can you blame him?), so he sent these photos with an explanation over to Deadspin. Now we are passing them along to you.

Why? Because it’s a fan being ridiculed by a buddy after losing a bet, and that’s just too good to not pass on.

Sorry we’re not sorry, Josh.

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