Twitter Takes: Fans shred Andrew Baggett after missed field goal costs Mizzou

Andrew Baggett missed a 24-yard field goal attempt that would have sent Mizzou’s home showdown against South Carolina into triple overtime. The awful kick gave the Gamecocks a shocking, 27-24 win after the Tigers had built a 17-0 lead to open the game.

The kick also gave Twitter trolls fuel for a massive cyber-fire. Check out how fans reacted to Baggett’s miss – but be warned, it isn’t pretty. There is *NSFW* language galore.

@RockChalkBlog: I know all the Mizzou fans are tweeting hate to their kicker, @ABaggett99. Stay strong kid.#JayhawkNation still loves you.”

— Cooper Karlin (@Cooper_Karlin1) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 doesnt deserve all the hate he is getting. @darrenrovell, he deserves some hate.

— Jay Hudgins (@el_hombre_rojo) October 27, 2013

I hate you @ABaggett99. You single handily ruined our season.

— Nick Spencer (@NickSpence34) October 27, 2013

@GoIrishGlory He has one job. He blew it twice. Been doing it all season. Need a new kicker @ABaggett99

— Nick Spencer (@NickSpence34) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 go kill yourself everyone in Missouri hates you.

— Ty Sosa (@Tysosa_) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 you go to school for free and you missed that kick?

— Mike Marino (@MikeMarino_) October 27, 2013

Hey bagget, your a fucking faggot. Burn at the stake

— Mack Thurman (@TheThurmanator9) October 27, 2013

You ain’t shit @ABaggett99

— Cole (@Coleminerr) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 good kick

— Mötley Löu (@SweeetLou26) October 27, 2013

Andrew Baggett’s yearbook picture:

— Quentin James (@quenjames) October 27, 2013

Choke baggett choke

— Cole Craven (@ColeCraven) October 27, 2013

Baggett is like the grinch of homecoming.

— Sarah Tillou (@setillou) October 27, 2013

And finally …

.@ABaggett99, you fucking suck.

— Danny Dowling (@DannyDowlingII) October 27, 2013

Luckily, there were many others who did not angrily take to Twitter to call out a kicker – but rather to defend him.

@ABaggett99 don’t listen to all the negative lames. Just keep doin your thing man

— Benjamin Baker (@bunjaminn) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 don’t sweat it. Its a team loss & that miss isn’t on you. Don’t let the hate get to you & good luck the rest of the way!

— Tye McWhorter (@Tyegr) October 27, 2013

Heart goes out to @ABaggett99, keep your head up bro. Don’t listen to the Twitter thugs, finish out the season strong. From a Buckeye can.

— Torrelle Howard (@Tea_N_Tee) October 27, 2013

@ChipBrownOB @jonsol @ABaggett99 Love the fact that the team blew a 17 point lead in the 4th qtr has no blame. It’s all the kickers fault.

— Thomas Pruitt (@TPNoGa) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 Shame on anyone giving you a hard time. Wasn’t even your fault. Head up high and good luck the rest of the way. Take the SEC!

— Adam Miller (@JagNole81) October 27, 2013

I try to stay out of other teams’ stuff, but the treatment @ABaggett99 (Mizz kicker) is getting is so wrong.

— Travis Cabage (@Travis_Cabage) October 27, 2013

@jonsol Most unfortunate! I respectfully offer the following Roosevelt quote for him. @jasonrmcintyre @ABaggett99

— JDM (@sleepdoctorjoe) October 27, 2013

@ZaraTV apparently people are leaving awful tweets for @ABaggett99 Just awful. People disappoint me

— Brandon Boyd (@brandoninstl) October 27, 2013

To anyone giving death threats to @ABaggett99 I’d like to see you try kicking a field goal in that situation. Baggett is a great kid.

— DarkMasterofxscream (@Masterofxtreme) October 27, 2013

Hey @ABaggett99: Don’t hang your head, don’t beat yourself up, don’t listen to the jackoff keyboard cowboys in your fanbase.

— Zombie Devaney (@ZombieDevaney) October 27, 2013

@ABaggett99 good game bro! You are still a great kicker and a great football player. Mizzou is lucky to have you suiting up for them.

— Bryce G (@juggernaughtie) October 27, 2013

If you feel the need to tweet someone after a gut-punch loss. Please….put your phone away. @ABaggett99 mentions are horrible.

— Brian Freeman (@BTFradio) October 27, 2013

@CoachKreklow: Proud of you Andrew! Takes guts to be in that position! You’re still the man! Stay strong! MIZ!!!”@ABaggett99

— Whitney Little (@whitney82) October 27, 2013

If you’re tweeting at @ABaggett99 you should really get a life. Worst kind of people.

— Jason Anderson (@J680Anderson) October 27, 2013

I’m still in Baggett’s corner. He’s a great kicker and kid. Win or Lose no matter how still love everyone of the Tiger boys! MIZ

— Beau Brinkley (@Brinkley86) October 27, 2013

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