Video: Blake Bortles girlfriend Lindsey Duke impresses George O’Leary

If Lindsey Duke wasn’t a household name among college football fans before Jan. 1, she is now after ESPN’s “College GameDay” broadcast.

During a segment on UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, Gene Wojciechowski discussed the star player’s lack of respect, and how his girlfriend is more well known than him. One simple Google search will prove just that, as Duke turns out 30 times more search results than her man.

[Photo: Lindsey Duke is college football’s hottest WAG]

Knights head coach George O’Leary, for one, is highly impressed with Duke. He understands why she is better known.

“I would hope as a head coach that the numbers would be reversed, but obviously you haven’t seen his girlfriend. She deserves six million Googles.”

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