John Stewart shreds the NCAA’s rules on ‘The Daily Show’ [Video]

The guy in the photo above is Joel Bauman. He was a wrestler for the University of Minnesota, but when he released a rap song under his own name, the NCAA stripped him of his eligibility.

Because the governing body of college sports is probably one of the most fair, impartial and rules-oriented groups in the nation. That entire line was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.

John Stewart and his Daily Show crew took aim and fired at President Mark Emmert and the NCAA, who continually find themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons. Not only does the Daily Show profile Bauman, but they also speak to Ed O’Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player currently suing the NCAA over their right to use players’ likenesses in video games without paying the players.

[LISTEN UP Mark Emmert: We have some learning for you to do]

The case could provide a landmark decision and it currently makes him one of the most powerful men in all of sports.

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