Video: Shaq teams up with Orange County Choppers for custom motorcycle

At 7’1 and 325 pounds, it’s not exactly easy for Shaquille O’Neal to waltz down to the local Harley Davidson dealership and find a motorcycle that fits him. So what does The Diesel do when he wants to roll like a real man? He heads over to Orange County Choppers.

According to TMZ, O.C. Choppers is designing a bike for The Big Aristotle that will measure approximately 14 feet in length. That’s four feet over standard length.

Shaq — a huge bike fan — asked for his ride to be taller and longer than normal to accommodate his arthritic hips … and, of course, the shop obliged. We’re told the completed bike will measure roughly 14 feet long (most are 10 ft.).

We’re told … since it’s such a big project (due to the size of the bike) … the guys are putting in a ton of extra work — and it’s all being caputured on tape for their new CMT show “Orange County Choppers.”

With a personality as big as Shaq’s, and his plethora of alter egos and career achievements (hip hop artist, movie star, doctor, police officer, future NBA Hall of Famer), it will be interesting to see which angle the O.C.C. takes in the design.

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