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Technology & Comfortability: Strideline Sock Review

Strideline Socks started out as a joint venture between two lifelong friends who, using their $700 high school graduation money, set out to create the most comfortable sock ever made.

From rags to riches, the duo’s $700 investment quickly turned into a business whose product is now worn by NFL players and other pro athletes. 

Strideline Socks is one of the premier manufacturers of athletic socks for amateurs and pros. Their success is only growing as they develop newer and newer technology. Read this full Strideline Sock review to learn why.

Overview of Strideline Socks

Strideline Socks offers a unique blend of ultra-soft yarn and protective padding to ensure your feet are as comfortable as possible.

You’ll never have to worry about unduly blisters or painful abrasions all thanks to its 5-ply yarn that eliminates slippage. Plus, its memory yarn adapts to the shape of your foot with continued use.

Strideline is leading the charge when it comes to athletic socks. So, if you want to take your game to the next level, it’s crucial that you protect your feet with socks that will enhance your performance and keep you comfortable at the same time.


Yarns are durable and incredibly supportive.
 Memory yarns means that you are guaranteed the most optimal fit every time.
No blisters!


Somewhat expensive.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Pair of Athletic Socks

Strideline socks are primarily made for athletes of any kind: football, soccer, hockey, basketball, track and field, etc.

Strideline offers a complete line of socks that is designed to accommodate any given style. Socks come in Men’s, Women’s and Kids. Plus, styles range from low cut ankle socks to below the knee heights so you will never have any issues finding what you’re looking for.

You also want to make sure that the socks you purchase have the right set of features. For example, build-up in the cleats and feet caused by sweat and dampness can become extremely irritating to deal with. Therefore, make sure to get socks with moisture-wicking yarn.

You’ll also want to get socks with antimicrobial materials as these minimize odors and keep bacteria away. These will keep your feet germs and fungi free. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing athlete’s foot, this is a feature you’ll certainly appreciate!

What Are the Features and Benefits of Strideline Socks?

Despite being a company created by two high school friends, Strideline Socks has come a long way in being an industry-setter for athletic socks and performance. This is due to a number of cutting-edge technologies built-into the socks that give you a plethora of benefits.

#1 Padding

Strideline adds padding to all of the important areas such as the heel and the toe. They keep everything else light to reduce bulk.

You’ll find padding on the ball of the foot and on the ankle, which has the double-effect of keeping everything and secure. While these socks do not feature a compression fit, they do fit like a glove due to its composition of Spandex and rubber.

This combination helps blood circulation and prevents ankle rolls and sprains. Also, it offers some protection if someone steps on your foot.

#2 Utmost Comfort

Strideline Socks use revolutionary yarn-blend combined cotton with microfilaments. Therefore, they are some of the most comfortable on the market.

Moreover, thanks to Strideline’s industry-first “memory yarn”, these socks will learn and adapt to the shape of your foot over time. This adaptability maximizes your comfort level, and the added Left/Right functionality means your socks are literally geared for each foot!

#3 Blister-Protection & Anti-Slippage

Strideline Socks have a balanced mix between thick and thin, which is a godsend as this will prevent blisters better than an outright thin sock. There is less chafing between the foot and the cleat.

In fact, an anti-blister tab is sewn onto the toe seam, where blisters are likely to occur. Additionally, the fact that the entire seam is hand-sewn means that there will be no bunching whatsoever, thereby preventing uncomfortable friction.

What’s more, a rubber elastic with 5-ply yarns eliminates slippage that can occur in inclement weather or when your feet are damp. It improves the overall comfort of the socks and allows you to play your game to the best of your ability.

#4 Airflow

Strideline has made their socks extremely breathable with air vents along the top of the sock, which increases airflow and mitigates the negative effects of damp feet.

Of course, this feature does not just work in isolation, as preventing soggy socks concordantly prevents blisters and other abrasions. This proves to be a huge bonus, as anyone who has ever had to play through a blister on a big toe will tell you how much it hurts. 

#5 Durability

Almost everyone who has bought the Strideline Socks can attest that they are incredibly durable. Powerlifters have noticed that the toe seam does not brittle after use like most other socks. Football players have noted that they can wear the same pair of socks on game day throughout the entire season.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that your Strideline Socks won’t wilt or be damaged after numerous washes, as these socks are equipped to handle the laundry machine. No more worrying about washboarded socks!

What Are They Saying About Strideline Socks?

There is a lot of good feedback on the Strideline Socks. Here are some:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

All in all, Strideline offers some of the best socks on the market – especially for those looking to take their game to the gridiron, where being comfortable and supported at the feet is as important as anything else.

To be honest, the only downside to these socks is that they’re somewhat expensive, coming in at around $10 USD a pair. However, the trade-off is that they’re good value for the money, as they will last you multiple seasons. With amazing technology that perfectly fits your foot, you are sure to enjoy these socks for some time to come.

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