Andy Dalton Trolled By Twitter And Memes During Browns Loss

Andy Dalton’s stat line during Thursday night’s 24-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns: 10-for-33, 86 yards, three interceptions, two sacks, 4.3 QBR and 2.0 passer rating. That’s exactly what one needs to do to receive the troll treatment from Twitterverse. Take it away, snarky comments and memes.   Andy Dalton’s passer rating last night was … Read moreAndy Dalton Trolled By Twitter And Memes During Browns Loss

Johnny Manziel Added To Infamous Cleveland Browns Quarterback

It’s official, Johnny Manziel has been added to the infamous Cleveland Browns quarterback jersey.   GO BROWNS— The SEC Logo (@SEC_Logo) May 12, 2014 It’s now time to shine, Johnny Cleveland. You do not want to find yourself a permanent fixture in this quarterback graveyard.

Mike Pettine’s daughter Megan sums up Browns coaching job on Twitter

That awkward moment when Mike Pettine’s daughter, Megan, sums up how everyone feels about the Cleveland Browns’ head coaching position on Twitter, just before her dad is given the job.   The #Browns coaching search in one brutally honest tweet. — Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines) January 24, 2014