Lance Stephenson Blowing 50 Cent’s Pitch Photoshop Is Perfection

  Shut it down. There have been a lot of great memes of Lance Stephenson’s LeBron James blow job, but this photoshop of Stephenson blowing 50 Cent’s first pitch is Internet perfection. It’s almost like Fiddy planned the pitch for this moment. Hey @50cent, blame Lance Stephenson. @marcelluswiley @Max_Kellerman — SteveNBA (@FunnyNbaGuy) May 29, 2014

Lance Stephenson Blowing In LeBron James Ear Memes

Lance Stephenson reached into his bag of tricks for Game 5 in an attempt to get in LeBron James’ head. At one point Stephenson was spotted blowing in LeBron’s ear, because every team needs a player who will stoop to a fifth grade level. First, Stephenson’s blow job set to “Pony” and “Wait (The Whisper … Read moreLance Stephenson Blowing In LeBron James Ear Memes