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Training Mask 3.0 Review – Tired of Gasping for Air?

Fatigue is the primary performance disabler in sports, bar none. Athletes can tough out minor sprains and small bruises, but nothing will affect your athletic performance worse than gasping for air as you try to spread out to grab an errant pass on 3rd down late in the fourth quarter.

That is why so many athletes go great lengths to train their conditioning and respiratory systems, even moving to high-altitude regions to make breathing harder.

If you can’t afford to move to Colorado, or just want to take your workouts to the next level, check out this review of the Training Mask 3.0, a cutting-edge respiratory conditioning device that claims to take your game to the next level.

Overview of the Training Mask 3.0

The Training Mask 3.0 has been engineered to deliver variable levels of air flow to the breathing muscles. This creates tension on the breathing apparatus and makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient over time.

Training with the Training Mask 3.0 gives you an unparalleled workout in stamina, endurance, and even recovery. You’ll find yourself less fatigued from workouts and able to train for longer with the Training Mask 3.0.



Keep reading this review to find out if the Training Mask 3.0 improves your respiratory conditioning in a noticeable way on game day.

Who Should be Considering Elevation Mask?

If you’re looking to uplift your training or workouts by boosting your endurance and stamina against fatigue, an elevation may be just right for you.

Elevation masks work by forcing you to face intense contests and exhausting workouts by increasing both endurance and stamina for a short period of time.

It is important to note that an elevation mask does not dilute the level of oxygen in the air, and therefore does not emulate altitude training conditions.

What the elevation mask does is make your body put more effort into breathing, and as a result, strengthens your oxygen efficiency and lung capacity over time.

An elevation mask may purportedly be useful for jiu-jitsu and MMA fighters, who may use it for the purpose of simulating conditions of being choked. Moreover, runners, CrossFitters, and enthusiasts of other high-intensity workouts may appreciate how the Mask effectively teaches you to regulate your breath in high exertion conditions.   

What Are The Features and Benefits of The Training Mask 3.0?

There are many reasons why the Training Mask 3.0 is worth a try.

Keep in mind that many of the features and benefits of the Training Mask 3.0 revolve around “better breathing while training”. This ultimately leads to increased stamina, endurance, workout capacity and enhanced recovery when you are NOT using the mask.

What the mask does not successfully mimic is training at high altitude, where you become adapted to the lower partial pressure and begin developing increased hemoglobin concentration and capillary density. This consequently helps increase oxygen transport to muscles.[1]

The Training Mask 3.0 does not reduce partial pressure of air like training at high altitude does, but rather, simply restricts air intake. This does not have an effect on the body’s ability to increase hemoglobin.

Build Muscle

According to the developers of the Training Mask 3.0, using the Mask in your workouts will increase your body’s growth hormone levels by up to 25%.

HGH (growth hormone) is typically released after a strenuous workout, and raising the amount of growth hormone in your system will help you burn more fat, build more muscle, and recover faster after a tough workout.

Using the Training Mask 3.0 will also build your respiratory muscles, as the Training Masks works by adding friction to inhaled air. Increasing the strenuousness of your breathing load while working out supercharges your stamina and endurance, which ultimately helps build your respiratory system.

Stay Stronger, Longer

Using the Training Mask 3.0 will unlock your untapped fitness and athletic capacity in one simple way.

When you vary the load of air flow coming into your lungs, you make your breathing more powerful, stable and efficient during workouts.

In turn, better breathing makes your workouts easier by giving you turbocharged stamina, endurance, and recovery.

That means that performance training with the Training Mask 3.0 makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient. If you can tolerate and perform the same workouts while maintaining high intensity effort, your conditioning will only be that much better in the face of high intensity exercise when you take off the mask. [2]

The Training Mask 3.0 essentially improves your ability to stay strong – and for longer – while maintaining high intensity effort. This gives every workout the potential to be your best workout.

If you can tolerate high intensity exercise, which the Training Mask 3.0 helps to do, it’s only a matter of time before you go from novice to elite athlete.

3.0 Is For Everyone

An underrated feature of the Training Mask 3.0 is that literally anyone from a couch potato to a professional athlete can use this Mask and immediately notice the benefits.

This is because the Training Mask 3.0 is powered by a revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow system that uses patented multi-level resistances via dial-able air flow adjustment to tune the amount of air you are breathing in.

Therefore, you can increase or decrease your breathing load as you wish, just as you would increase or decrease your weights as you lift.

After all, “better breathing” is completely relative, so as long as you can tolerate and perform the same workouts as someone who is in great shape, then it is only a matter of time before you are in great condition as well.

What Are People Saying About The Training Mask 3.0?

We scoured the internet for reviews, and people seem to be unilaterally pleased with the Training Mask 3.0.


The Training Mask 3.0 works to reduce the total amount of airflow to the lungs, thereby improving the strength and endurance of the respiratory system. The diaphragm in particular.

The Training Mask does not simulate high altitudes, where your body is forced to adapt to the thinner air by increasing oxygen content, and therefore does not give you the same performance advantage as you might expect.

The Training Mask 3.0 claims to make your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient by limiting the air flow during a workout. This enables you to strengthen your stamina, endurance and recovery, and makes you even stronger when you train without the mask.

An underrated feature of this conditioning device is that it trains you to train while in a fatigued state, thereby making you stronger for longer once you remove the training mask.

The Training Mask also claims to increase production of growth hormones by 25%, which is crucial in the building and synthesizing of lean muscle. 

Many jiu-jitsu and MMA fighters may enjoy the benefits of the Training Mask 3.0, as they can simulate the sensation of being choked, and can help train them to regulate breathing under high exertion conditions.[3]

While athletes of other sports may not find that the Training Mask enhances their performance, they can still use it as an alternative addition to training. 

Final Words

I was a little skeptical when trying out the Training Mask 3.0. After all, endurance performance is not based on how much air you’re getting, but on how much oxygen is in the air and how your body uses it.

However, I’ve noticed that when using the Training Mask in my workouts, the impact of fatigue during my training sessions decreased tremendously once I went back to working out without the mask. My threshold for potential, activity strength at exhaustion and stamina all increased.

You need to look at the Training Mask 3.0 as a tool to build your respiratory system and not one to improve actual exercise performance at any intensity.

The Training Mask is worth a try, but do not expect to reap the same benefits as you might have had you been training at high altitude.

Rather, the Training Mask 3.0 will force you to focus and concentrate on your breath, which helps you stay in the moment and stay present, which can lead to a better mind-body connection, which is crucial for high intensity workouts.

In short, if you’re looking to simulate the physiology of training at altitude, you’ll have to move to Colorado to really reap the benefits. If you have some spare change lying around and want to test out this mask on your performance, give the Training Mask 3.0 a shot.



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