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5 Quarterbacks That Have The Most Wins Against Tom Brady

The renowned quarterback, Tom Brady, boasts the record for the most regular season wins with 219 in total.[1] The question, “What quarterback has the most wins against Tom Brady?” doesn’t really make any sense. Although no one has the most wins against Brady, here are five quarterbacks that succeed him, at least, in terms of the number of wins—Brett Favre (186 wins), Peyton Manning (186 wins), Drew Brees (163 wins), John Elway (148 wins), and Dan Marino (147 wins). 6

Top 10 NFL Quarterback Stats[2]

RankQuarterbackCareer winsCareer lossesCareer tiesCareer win %Team(s)
1Tom Brady2196400.774New England Patriots
2Brett Favre18611200.624Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers
New York Jets
Minnesota Vikings
Peyton Manning1867900.702Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos
4*Drew Brees16311100.595San Diego Chargers
New Orleans Saints
5John Elway1488210.643Denver Broncos
6Dan Marino1479300.613Miami Dolphins
7Ben Roethlisberger1447110.669Pittsburgh Steelers
8Fran Tarkenton12410960.532Minnesota Vikings
New York Giants
9Philip Rivers12310100.549SD/LA Chargers
10Johnny Unitas1186440.648Baltimore Colts
San Diego Chargers

How Do These Quarterbacks Fare Against Tom Brady?

Brett Favre

Although Brett Favre had an NFL record of 30 or more touchdown passes in nine seasons, Tom Brady is simply more careful with the ball. This means that Brady doesn’t make big mistakes in crucial situations. Even if Favre could effortlessly move around in the pocket, kept plays alive, and was good at improvising, he had led the NFL in interceptions three times. Plus, he had six seasons of over 20 interceptions.

Peyton Manning 

Peyton Manning boasts an average of 31 touchdown passes per season. He’s also known for his accuracy because of his 64.9% completed passes in his career. Moreover, he has over 65% completed passes in each season since 2002. 

Although it wasn’t Manning’s fault that his team kept struggling, he failed to make an impression in postseason play with just 29 touchdowns against 19 interceptions.

On the other hand, Brady can only be defined by the word “rings.” He holds six of them, which no NFL player can have anything up against. Brady is not called the greatest quarterback of all time for nothing, and one of the reasons why is because he kept carrying his team to victory

Drew Brees

We all know that Drew Brees has the most yards and highest completion percentage. He is certainly good at being accurate, but Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the league. 

Aside from having more rings than any player, Brady also has the experience and leadership over Brees. If anything, Brees has a better chance to win the Super Bowl because he has the most complete team against Brady. His defense may not be great, but it can make stops.

Plus, a Super Bowl victory for Brees may help him be one step closer to Brady. Since Brady is getting older, he may be the successor for the title of NFL’s best quarterback. But for now, Brady is still the greatest.


John Elway was known to make great damage with his arm as well as with his legs. He was often praised for his velocity and for leaving bruises on players after his throws hit them. 

When talking about accomplishments, Elway only completed over 60 percent of his passes three times in his NFL career of 16 years. On the other hand, Brady has never completed fewer than 60 percent wherein he just threw three passes—in a season save for his rookie year. So even though Elway has the mobility, Brady is still the best at accuracy.

Dan Marino 

Dan Marino may be an awesome passer in the regular season, but Tom Brady has been more successful when the stakes are higher. While Marino has a postseason passer rate of 77.1, Brady boasts a rating of 87.6. 

Even though Brady is just starting to get a taste of victories in his career, he already gave the Patriots many achievements that are hard to forget in the history of football.

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Final Words 

Tom Brady boasts a record of 6 Super Bowl rings, more than any other NFL player. He has played 9 times in the Super Bowl, where he won six times during his career.

Overall, when it comes to winning, there is no doubt that Tom Brady is the best. He is the man who wins in the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowls. So what do you think? Is there a quarterback who you can compare Tom Brady with? Comment now and let us know what you think!

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