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Who Is The Poorest NFL Owner?

Being considered the poorest owner in the NFL is still something to be proud of because that means that person is still richer than anyone working in a corporate environment. Being the poorest just means that he’s one of the people striving the hardest to get to the top. So, who is the poorest NFL owner? Mark Davis has a half-million-dollar net worth, which made him earn the title of the “poorest owner in the NFL.”[1]

Mark Davis As The Poorest NFL Owner

Mark Davis inherited the Oakland Raiders from his father, Al, and he’s the one who guided the team’s forthcoming move to Los Angeles. 

Davis’ father took over the team because of what he did in the past. He was involved in pushing out Wayne Valley—the former owner—while he was out of the country. The team has quarreled with the NFL several times ever since that incident, even though Mark didn’t have anything to do with his father’s deeds back in his prime as an NFL owner. Nevertheless, the Raiders are still likely to make a lot of money in the future. 

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Luckily, Mark Davis has never had to make deals that he did not like. Now is the biggest professional team in a growing Las Vegas sports population, Davis is hoping that this will be able to erase his title of being the poorest owner and move on to the next tier.

The Raiders now having a value of $970 million, Davis won’t seem to find himself losing all his money any time soon. Especially with the price of sports clubs going up while other things are going down, plus the potential for gained value in Las Vegas, he’s in it to win it.

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A List of The Poorest NFL Owners In Details

Aside from Mark Davis, below is a list of other poor NFL owners with their reported net worth:

Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals; Reported net worth: $925 million

Aside from being the owner, Brown is also acting as the team’s general manager so he has a lot of work in his hands. Paul Brown—his father—co-founded the Bengals. 

Pat Bowlen and family trust, Denver Broncos; Forbes net worth: $1 billion

The Broncos became Forbes‘ No. 23 highest-valued sports franchise in the world at $2.6 billion because of multiple championships. 

As reported on 9NEWS, Brittany Bowlen, Pat Bowlen’s daughter, is the front-runner to be the successor as controlling owner. In July 2014, the elder Bowlen resigned control after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Art Rooney II and family, Pittsburgh Steelers; Forbes net worth: $1.2 billion 

The Rooneys has a rich legacy in Pittsburgh, looking after a fantastic franchise that’s won six Super Bowls and boasts numerous Hall of Famers, including the founder himself, Art Rooney.

Virginia Halas McCaskey and family, Chicago Bears; Forbes net worth: $1.3 billion

Halas Hall is the name of Bears headquarters. [2] George Halas Drive is the name of the location where the Pro Football Hall of Fame can be found. For quite some time, Halas played for, owned, and coached the Bears after founding their franchise and co-founding the NFL. 

Amy Adams Strunk and Adams family, Tennessee Titans; Forbes worth: $1.3 billion

Strunk took over the Titans from her late father Bud Adams in 2013. Strunk is now the controlling owner with a one-third stake. 

And though they are still in search of their first NFL championship, they have a promising young quarterback Marcus Mariota who carried the Titans to a playoff win.

Martha Ford, Detroit Lions; Forbes net worth: $1.4 billion

In 2014, Ford took over to reboot the franchise, which made it struggle over a few years. Being the heiress to the automotive family fortune, Ford was able to clean out Lions leadership in the front office. And for the first time since 1997, the Lions finished off a third winning season in a four-year span.

Bill Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals; Forbes net worth: $1.4 billion

Since 1932, the Bidwills has owned the Cardinals, and Forbes valued the franchise at $2.15 billion. Arizona boasts one Super Bowl appearance and five playoff berths ever since moving to the desert roughly three decades ago. 

John Mara & Steve Tisch, New York Giants; Combined reported net worth: $1.7 billion 

According to ESPN in 2015, Forbes currently has Tisch at $1.2 billion as of today, and Mara was at $500 million. Both of their fathers used to be the owners of the Giants and the franchise continues to prosper as one of the strongest brands in professional sports.

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Final Words

The NFL is known to have a lot of deep-pocketed owners. Despite this, not all of them are as rich as we think they are. And even though some of them may seem the poorest in that field, it would still take a long time before they actually lose all their hard-earned cash. What can you say about this? Do you think being an NFL owner is an easy way to earn revenue? If you have any comments, let us know!

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